How To Make Fattoush At Your Home? A Step-By-Step Guide- 2022 


The Fattoush salad is one of the Lebanese dishes that initially originated in the Arabs. At present, it is known as a Lebanese dish as the people of that region have made it traditional. Since its invention in ancient times, Fattoush has been an Iftar dish.

The main concept of making Fattoush is all about using the Pita bread that goes into excess. As a result, the people could avoid the wastage of food. 

At present, the dish has been globalized and there are a few prominent variations of it. Here, you can learn about the variations of Fattoush and later go through the process of making the traditional dish. So,  check out the following parts of the article.

Variations Of Fattoush

Variations Of Fattoush

In this part of the article, you can read about the variations of Fattoush salad. Have a look:

1. Fattoush With Yogurt: Fattoush with yogurt is a simple variation where some fresh yogurt is mixed with the authentic version of this dish. Well, the dish is a promising success as the yogurt gives a tangy flavor to the dish. 

2. Fattoush Cups: In the case of Fattoush cups, the Pita bread is given the shape of a cup and the fattoush recipe is served in them. It is a variation of the recipe in terms of garnishing. 

3. Fattoush With Eggplant: Generally, the Fattoush salad consists of uncooked fruits and vegetables. However, in the eggplant variation, fried eggplant is added to it. Well, the taste of the salad boosts up as a result. 

4. Fattoush In The Jar: The jar version of Fattoush is nothing but the authentic one itself. However, people have started sharing it in jars to increase its shelf-life.

Traditional Fattoush Recipe: Ingredients

In this part, you can go through the ingredients of the traditional Fattoush salad recipe. For your convenience, the entire list is given in a tabular form. Check out:

Ingredients Quantity
For Salad:
Romaine Lettuce (Chopped)Cucumber (Medium Size Cuts)Grape Tomatoes White OnionPurple/Green Cabbage

8 cups1 big size1 pint1 medium3 cups
For Dressing:
Fresh Lemon JuicePomegranate MolassesOrganic White VinegarMinced GarlicMint Leaves (Chopped)Ground SumacSea SaltBlack PepperMaple Syrup   

¼ cups4 tablespoons4 tablespoons4 tablespoons1 tablespoon1 tablespoons1 teaspoon1 teaspoon1 tablespoon

For Bread:
Pita BreadGarlic Sault

3 pieces2 teaspoons

Fattoush: Making Process

The making process of most Fattoush salad recipes is quite easy. Here the step-by-step process of making the authentic one is given.  In case you are making a dish for the first time like Al Harees, you need to blindly follow the steps.

Remember, you can add variation to the recipe only if you turn into an expert in making the authentic one. Go through the steps now:


Step 1: In the first step, you need to concentrate on the dressing part.

Step 2: To execute the dressing properly, mix the warm water and sumac. 

Step 3: Prepare the salad with all the ingredients.
Step 4: Mix the sumac with the salad after draining out all the water.

Step 5: Whisk the entire mixture together.

Dealing With The Pita Chips:

Step 1: To deal with the Pita Chips for Fattoush, you need to turn on the oven. 

Step 2:  Put the oven on 400 degrees pre-heat. 

Step 3: Cut the Pita bread into rough triangles.

Step 4: Make the baking setup ready. 

Step 5: Spray Pita with little water.

Step 6: Bake the  Pita bread for 7 minutes approximately. 

Step 7: keep the Pita bread to rest until they cool down.

Step 8: Once the Pita bread cools down, you need to cut them into pieces. 

Mixing Pita To Pre-Made Salad

Step 1: As you already have a pre-made salad, you can put the freshly-made Pita bread to it. 

Step 2: Cut the lettuce leaves and add some seasoning. 

Step 3: Serve in two big bowls.

Step 4: You can use an additional dressing of olive oil as it can help the salad tangier. 

Now, as you know how to make Fattoush at home, it is time that you go to the market and buy the items. I am quite sure that you have already made salads before. So, making this one would not be a problem for you. 

Just make sure, you add the seasoning in a proper way. This can help you to get the best taste of the salad. You can even add some additional dressing to the salad.

Nevertheless, you need to remember, that this salad is a vegetarian dish. So, you should avoid mixing any non-veg items into it. It shall only ruin the authenticity of the dish.

Fattoush: Nutritional Values

Fattoush Nutritional Values

A single serve of  Fattoush contains 105 calories. This dish is rich in carbohydrates like Manakish with 46 grams and contains no fat. So, you can easily eat it regularly. On the other hand, the dish contains 7 grams of protein.  

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. How Do You Make A Fattoush Salad?

Ans: You can make a Fattoush salad in a few easy steps. However, the only deal, in this case, is baking the Pita bread properly.

Q2. What Bread Is Used In Fattoush?

Ans: Pita Bread is used in the case of Fattoush. You can bake this bread in the microwave after pre-heating it at 350 degrees C and then baking the dough for 7 minutes.

Q3. What Does Fattoush Mean In Arabic?

Ans: Fattoush in Arabic means crumbs. The salad is called so as the Pita bread crumbs are used to make it.

Final Words

The Fattoush salad is a very easy recipe to make and it is quite healthy at the same time. The best you can do is have this salad in the breakfast regularly. If you follow a vegan diet, this salad can turn into a best friend. 

If you have an aim of following a balanced diet, you can introduce Fattoush and make the variations one by one. So, your interest in consuming the Fattoush salad remains intact.

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