About Us

UAE is a land full of unique places to visit. From the lush deserts that surround big cities to tall skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa, there is always something interesting to find in the UAE.

However, since people do not have the time to spend their vacations in the UAE, we have decided to bring the country to your screens using engaging and informative articles.

We at UAE Universe are dedicated towards spending our time and energy bringing all the latest news and information that we believe you should know about. We are constantly creating informative content for readers on topics like UAE politics, business, law and order, entertainment, technology, and more. 

How Do We Work

Since we encourage more and more writers to work with us, we are constantly looking for new talent all across the globe to be a part of our team of writers. 

Therefore, we believe it is vital for you to know our work ethics and systems. We believe in hard work, quality, and transparency as the driving forces of success.

After our editorial team decides on what topics to pursue, our writers get hard at work to put them in words. Finally, after submitting a write-up, we publish it after making some modifications and additions (if required). 

If you wish to guest post for us or want to get in touch, fill out this contact form. Alternatively, you can also send us a mail at webmaster@redhatmedia.com