Start Your Day With Karak Chai: How To Make Karak Chai At Your Home?


Many would suggest working out, drinking water, and reading the newspaper. While all that is fine, you cannot leave out tea from your morning routine. Especially if you are from a middle eastern country, a Karak (solid) tea is just the energy booster you need in the morning. 

This creamy fuming tea is a solid booster for your morning mood. Spiced with cinnamon, and different herbs, the cream milk tea is enough to make your mood lighten up. 

But how do you make it? Although it is simple to make Karak tea, you still need to get everything right to get the desired taste. 

This article is mainly for helping you make Karak cream tea. So without any delay, let’s go to your kitchen. 

Karak Chai: What Does History Say?

Karak Chai What Does History Say

Wait, wait, I got into your kitchen without telling you all about this aromatic, delicious tea. I know that the recipe cannot wait, but please let me tell you about the origin of this tea. So, Karak is similar to masala tea but is less spicy. Generally speaking, this is a lighter version of masala tea. The tea is caramel-colored, milky, and strong. 

There is a root of Karak Chai in India, but it is equally enjoyed in other parts of the Middle East. It is especially famous in the Gulf region of the middle eastern country. It is equally famous in Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain. Karak Chai/ Chay means ‘strong Tea’ in Hindi, and it has its original root in India.

Karak Ingredients

Karak Ingredients

You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make Karak tea. Here is a list of what you need to make this tea. 

Sugar: you can use both white or brown sugar based on what you prefer.

Water: using hot water makes the process easier. But you can pour the cold water into the pot and warm it while cooking the Karak tea. 

Tea: Black tea. If you want to make tea this way and make it Karak, then you must use black tea. Black tea is easily available in most middle eastern countries. You can go for the packaged ones, or you can buy them loose from the grocery store. You can also use black tea bags. 

Ginger: just to spice it up a little bit, ginger is a must-use ingredient in this type of tea. Just add two or three small slices of ginger so that it does not feel overpowering and spice it up. If you don’t have whole ginger, you can use ginger powder; ¼ teaspoon is enough. 

Spices: don’t overdo it with the spice to make it spicier. It needs to be mildly spicy. You can use a few cardamoms, cinnamon, and a few pieces of cardamom. 

Karak It Up:

  1. Do you want to caramelize the sugar? It is an option worth considering. But you can let it dissolve in the water and milk too. If you want to caramelize, bring down the heat of the oven and let the sugar melt in the saucepan. Once it has an amber caramel color, it is ready. Remember, it is optional. 
  2. Now that the sugar is caramelized, you can gently stream the hot water into the pot. If you haven’t caramelized the sugar, you can pour in the sugar and the water together. You need to stir the mixture until the sugar dissolves into the water. 
  3. Add the ginger, tea, and spices ( cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves). Let all of them boil for around 5 minutes to 7 minutes. 
  4. When the fragrant comes out, you are ready to pour in the milk. Now pour in the milk and let it simmer. Simmer it down until the tea gets reduced and slightly thickens. You might see a skin forming on the tea. You can strain it out. 
  5. Now, your tea is ready, and you can transfer it to your teapot after straining out all the spices and the tea leaves. You are ready to serve it to your guest and yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

I hope you are able to make Karak tea following the recipe that I have given in this article. Now, here are some more questions and answers to help fulfill your further curiosities.

1. Where Is Karak Tea Originally From?

Ans: Karak Chai is a middle eastern recipe for making tea. The origin of this tea is said to be in India, while some claim that it is from Qatar. Anyways, it is equally enjoyed and famous in different parts of India.

2. Why Is Karak Chai Called Karak?

Ans: The meaning of Karak is strong. The reason this tea is called Karak is because of its strong taste. The tea is flavored with different spices and has a caramel color. The creamy feel of the tea from the use of evaporated milk easily helps it acquire the name Karak. There is a strong sense of rejuvenation in each sip.

3. Is Karak Tea The Same As Chai Tea?

Ans: The Karak and masala chai tea is slightly similar, but they are still different. Masala chai uses more spice than Karak tea. Karak tea is a lighter version of the tea known as Masala chai.

4. Can I Drink Chai When Pregnant?

Ans: You cannot consume everything during pregnancy. For instance, teas are usually safe for drinking during pregnancy. You can consume green, black, and matcha tea during pregnancy. Although they are generally safe, sticking to a limitation would be better for your health.

‘Karak’ I’ Up

There are different ways of making tea. But if you are serving it to your guest or just feeling like adding some extra, this is the recipe you need to try. Karak Tea is available in most countries of the Middle East. It is highly popular in UAE as well. You can follow the simple recipe that I have given in this article to make Karak Tea at home. 

Please let us know if you enjoyed making and sipping this tea. If there are more questions, you can ask them in the comment section.

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