How To Make Fatteh At Your Home? Delicious Fatteh Recipe

UAE cuisines are rich in deliciousness and great nutrition, and you can enjoy them to your heart’s content. Fatteh, an Egyptian/ Arabian delicacy, consists of pieces of fresh, toasted, and grilled bread ( often stale) that are covered with different ingredients. 

Often coming in vegetarian, this dish offers flexibility in eating it anytime you, please. You can eat this cuisine as a starter, take it during snack time, or eat it for breakfast. 

If you have leftover stale pita, you can put it into good use by cooking Fatteh. The word Fattteh stands for Crumbs or crushed, and the recipe has variations across different regions. If you are up for cooking Fatteh at home, I might be able to help. 

What Is Fatteh?

What Is Fatteh

An Egyptian and Levantine dish, Fatteh uses fresh or stale grilled and toasted pita flatbread and covers it with different ingredients that vary from region to region. The name also varies from place to place. 

In Egypt, they call it “Fatta,” a meal for the feast; and in the Levant, they call it “Fette,” and the dish accompanies steamed chickpeas and stained yogurt, and olive oil. In Palestine, they call it “Fetté Gazzewié.” The dish also falls in the “shâmiyât category. “Fetté Gazzewié or Chicken Fatteh is cooked with chicken broth, and then mild spice flavors are added to make it even more exquisite. 

Middle Eastern countries like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Palestine have a tradition of serving Fatteh during Ramadan as a dish for the Iftar. They also serve it to celebrate the first pregnancy of a woman. The ingredients in this dish create a contrast in the texture.

Total Time To Make

Prep TimeCook Time Total Time
10 mins10 mins 20 mins

Ingredients You Need 

Ingredients You Need 

Here are the necessary ingredients needed for cooking this dish at home –

  • 3 pitas.l cut them into wedges
  • 1¾ cups chickpeas (275 g) (cooked or canned), rinsed and drained. 
  • Salt
  • 1 cup (225 g) of plain yogurt
  • 3 cloves minced garlic, 
  • ½ tsp cumin
  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp tahini paste
  • ⅓ cup toasted pine nuts, 
  • Chopped cilantro or parsley

How To ‘Fateh’ The Fatteh Dish

In Arabic, Fateh means “conquering,”; and as for Fatteh, you are going to learn the recipe for this dish. A deconstructed hummus cuisine, Fatteh Hummus is tasty and full of rough textures. So, if you want to cook this at home, here is a step-by-step guide to help you –


First, I want you to preheat your oven to 350F/175C.

Step 2:

Take the pita wedges and bake them using a baking sheet for 10 minutes. Once they become light brown and crispy, remove them from the oven and set them aside. ( if you are going for the Palestinian style, you can fry the Pita on the stovetop instead. 

Step 3:

Take a small pot and water ( 100ml) and put the chickpeas in it. Now, simmer the chickpeas over medium-high flame for ten minutes. Once the water is soaked and the chickpeas heated, season it with salt and set it aside from heat. 

Step 4:

Now, in the next part, you mix the yogourt, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, tahini paste, and a slight pinch of salt in a bowl. Then whisk the mixture thoroughly. If the mixture is too thick, you need to keep adding some amount of water and finally reach the required consistency. 

Step 5:

Now, break the toasted Pita up into bits. Then arrange them at the bottom of a deep serving bowl or a platter. You can also use a casserole dish. Now top it up using warm chickpeas and yogurt sauce. Finally, sprinkle some pine nuts and cilantro or parsley, and then serve it with more pita and pita chips. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Making Fatteh will be easier if you follow the steps mentioned above. But, for more queries, you can read these popular questions and answers about this recipe.

1. What Is Fatteh Made Of?

Ans: Fatteh is made of either fresh or stale Pita bread that is roasted and grilled and is topped with different ingredients. This dish is trendy in the middle counties.
The ingredients for the toppings vary from region to region. The Palestinian Fette stands for a dish with rice cooked in chicken broth or meat. Then, the flavor it with cinnamon or mild spices. 

2. How Do You Make Chickpea Fatteh?

Ans: You need to ready the chickpea to add to your Fatteh dish. Here are the steps for making chickpea Fatteh –
Take chickpeas from a small pot and fill it up with 100 water. 
Simmer it over for ten minutes in medium-high flame.
Once the water is absorbed and the chickpeas are heated through, season them with salt.

3. Can You Reheat Fatteh?

Ans: If you are making eggplant Fatteh, you can prepare the beef mince, tomato sauce, and the yogurt sauce a day before. Once done, you can refrigerate these and heat them during serving. But heating or toasting your Pita ahead of time would be a disaster. You cannot keep it crispy and tasty for a day if you cook it only to reheat it during a serving. You can reheat only the ingredients that I mentioned here. 

4. Where Is Fatteh From?

Ans: Fatteh is a dish usually famous in the middle eastern countries like Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and so much more. This food is also famous in the United Arab Emirates. It is made of toasted Pita bread and is often topped with warm chickpeas and other ingredients that vary from place to place.

Bottoms Up! Fatteh For Breakfast

It doesn’t matter whether you are having Fatteh for Breakfast or as a start before the main course. Just one bite and you will feel an explosion of textures inside your mouth. There are both veg and nonveg options available for this dish. I would recommend it as an excellent Arabian. Middle eastern starter cuisine. 

If you are interested in cooking it, you can follow the ingredient list and go through the steps mentioned here to cook it. Also, if you have any queries related to this recipe, you can comment below.

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