Christmas Isn’t Over! Continue Enjoying The Festivity At Winter Garden, Dubai

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I bet it feels weird to see Dubai and Winter in one single sentence. However, anyone who has visited the place during its winter months would know. I’ll be talking about the Winter garden Dubai in this article.

Though built within a desert, the place does experience cold. The amount of coldness that the place experiences is quite debatable, though.

In any way, it is quite a relief for the people living there and the visitors, no matter how little the cold is. December is one of the ideal winter months to visit the place when Christmas is just around the corner!

Definitely include Habtoor Palace Winter Garden Dubai in your checklist to get the true essence of Christmas.

About The Place

The Winter Garden in the Al Habtoor Palace is the ideal Dine-in and Takeaway restaurant.

The magnificent Winter Garden at Habtoor Palace Dubai resembles a winter wonderland during the festive season and hosts enjoyable events for the entire family.

In the lovely Gardens of the Palace, guests may anticipate an ever-more-enchanting winter wonderland of events abounding with sparkling decorations and festive melodies.

The Winter Garden Dubai are filled with the enticing fragrances of gingerbread and hot chocolate, and acrobats and street performers provide continuous entertainment, allowing the mind to wander.

Unexpected interactions are waiting around every corner at the Winter Garden, including Santa’s unexpected entrance for some memorable fun photo opportunities.


The Winter Garden is at the front of the Habtoor Palace Hotel ( in Al Habtoor City ). It is a hotel in business bay and is located strategically on the Sheikh Zayed Road.

It is the ideal family attraction as there’s just about something or the other for everyone to be engaged in.

Things To Do

Things To Do IN UAE

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There are many things to do in winter garden Dubai – With street food stalls, street performers including stilt walkers, magicians, and crystal ball jugglers, together with a kids’ play area and other art and craft stalls and workshops, it is the perfect family event.

The place features :

  • Have any furry four-legged family members? They have their own entertainment and are welcome to participate in the fun.
  • Friday visit to the garden? Live music will also be performed.
  • The aromas of famous Christmas delicacies like gingerbread and hot chocolate can attract foodies and are ideal for them.
  • There will be street performers, acrobats, and other entertainment options. Christmas means Santa, and he will definitely be present and available for some entertaining photo ops that you have the option of taking home.
  • There’s also this special winter market, which is open from December 1 through December 31 from 5:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m.

There’s no need to worry if you miss the market during the holiday season.

Throughout the cooler months, the garden holds events with pop-up restaurants, street cuisine, and regional favorites.

  • The winter garden dubai also features Holiday decorations, carolers in the Palace garden, and other things are available for visitors.
  • For children, there are enjoyable rides, a special play area, art exhibits, and more. Of course, there will be a wide variety of booths for foodies to peruse.


It is necessarily ideal for visiting in the winter months unless you wanna become cooked under the scorching sun.

The Winter Garden is open daily (yep, on saturdays and sundays too!) from 5 pm till midnight.

The winter months hold various events, too, along with various Christmas festivities which are lined up during this time.

Wondering How To Go?

To travel to winter garden Dubai, well, let me tell you, it takes about 17 mins to travel to the place from Dubai International Airport via E11.

You can take a subway, taxi, bus, or even a town car!


The place has got an average rating of 3.8 stars and reviews from about 439 people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. At What Time Does The Place Open?

Ans: The Winter Palace at the Al Habtoor Palace opens at 5 pm every evening and remains open till midnight.

2. Where Is The Winter Garden Dubai?

Ans: The Winter Garden is at the front of the Habtoor Palace Hotel and is located strategically on Sheikh Zayed Road.

3. How To Get In Contact With The Place?

Ans: The contact number of the place is –  +971 4 435 5577. You can get in touch with the staff of the place by calling up on that number.

4. On What Days Does The Place Remain Closed?

Ans: The Winter Garden Dubai is at the front of the Habtoor Palace Hotel and is located strategically on Sheikh Zayed Road.

5. Can I Bring Along My Pet To The Place?

Ans: Yes, you can. The place is pet friendly, and you can definitely bring along your paw buddy with you. There’s also entertainment and fun activities in store for them too.

Bonus Content! (that you definitely didn’t sign up for)

So, here it is. Other attractions to visit in Dubai are:

1. Observation Deck at Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is currently the highest building in the world, standing 2,700 feet tall. It is more of a place to visit than winter garden Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

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This absolute architectural marvel must be your top destination when visiting Dubai or even the UAE because it has two observation decks, a fountain with Las Vegas-inspired features, nine of the best luxury hotels in the city, and numerous restaurants.

2. The Global Village

The largest tourism, leisure, and entertainment project in the world, according to Global Village Dubai, is located in the United Arab Emirates.

Global Village

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It is the first family-friendly, retail, entertainment, and cultural destination in the area. 

The property features a number of pavilions devoted to various nations, typically by imitating a well-known site of the nation.

3. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, housed on the first floor of the Dubai Mall, has over 33,000 aquatic animals living in its 10 million liter tank.

The level above the tank is home to a distinctive underwater zoo that exhibits a wide variety of aquatic species that is found in the world’s seas, rivers, and other bodies of water. Winter Garden Dubai is a great place to visit too, but this experience is something else.

Underwater Zoo

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The final element is the VR Zoo, which offers fascinating wildlife adventures through meticulously rendered virtual excursions.

4. Palm Jumeirah

The height of beauty created by land reclamation is in winter wonderland Dubai beautiful artificial archipelago, Palm Jumeirah, which juts into the Persian Gulf.

Palm Jumeirah

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One of the first big tourism projects in the UAE is currently housing some of Dubai’s top tourist attractions, including Atlantis, the Palm, Aquaventure Waterpark, and the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

To Wrap It Up!

What did you think of winter garden Dubai? It is definitely an interesting place that deserves a visit, right? Well, I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to.

Last but not least, I hope you found the information useful.

Thank you for reading up till here.  Let me know in the comments below what you think of wonderland Dubai.

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