Quranic Park – Things You Should Know In 2021

Quranic park

Immerse yourself in the Islamic heritage of Dubai and increase your knowledge of the Islamic values of tolerance, love, and peace by visiting the Quranic park. The destination is of its own kind given what it has to offer to visitors. 

The new cultural attraction has so much to offer to both Muslim and non-Muslim visitors. You will learn about the miracles and plans that are mentioned in the Quran through these interactive attractions. 

All the favorite outdoor spaces, gardens, and parks in Dubai are found in this place. This article will allow you to know the most important things about Quran park Dubai. 

What Is Quranic Park Dubai 

This park spans over 60 acres and its various sections are inspired by the miracles and plants that are mentioned in the Holy Quran. There is so much to see and do at the Quranic park. 

The park has two main attractions which are the Cave of Miracles and the Glass House. The Glass House is a greenhouse for plants that is temperature-controlled. The Cave of Miracles is a man-made cave that illustrates some of the most important stories in the Holy Quran. 

There are 12 orchids that display various plant species that are mentioned in the Quran like the black seed and figs. 

The Inside Section of the Quran Park Dubai 

This park gives visitors intelligent and beautiful insights into the teaching of the Holy Quran. As it does this, it remains to be a fun place where families can visit. It is full of lawns of flourishing flowers, green grass, and rows of date palm trees. 

You will also come across the golden trees that lead to the Glass House. These are solar paneled trees that provide shade, a resting place, and you can charge your phone here. 

There is a lake that visually represents one of the stories that are mentioned in the Holy Quran. There is a walkway that goes along the lake center that depicts the sea splitting. This story spans back to the time of the prophet Moses. 

Cave of Miracles 

When you enter Quran Park, the first attraction that you will come across is the man-made cave. It utilizes interactive displays and clever lighting to teach visitors about the seven miracles that are mentioned in the Quran.

At the entrance of this cave, you will be welcome by an introduction video clip that talks about the Quran. From here, it is followed by display videos in various parts of the caves that revolve around the prophets who are in the Quran. 

Currently, the audio that accompanies these videos is in the Arabic language and there aren’t any English subtitles. However, there are plans to make the English commentary soon. 

The Glass House

There is a large greenhouse that is made of glass panels to replicate a cool-dry Mediterranean climate. It is able to grow 29 different trees and plants that the Quran talks about and the Sunnah which is the way of the prophet.  

When inside, you will get plants that are not normally available in the region like bananas, pomegranates, barley basil, olive trees, wheat, and corn. You shouldn’t be an eager botanist to marvel at the beauty that these plants present. 

There are clear signboards for every species and you will get to understand the health benefits that these plants provide and where they are mentioned in the Quran. You will definitely feel a sense of wonderment and calmness through the temperature-controlled greenhouse. 

Several plants that cannot grow outside their natural habitat are now blooming throughout the whole year in this desert. You also need to stroll up to the observation deck. The place has excellent views of the Glass House and is an ideal spot for capturing memorable photos. 

Facilities in the Quranic Park

The Quranic park has player rooms, a small playground, a café, a food kiosk, and clean toilets. There is also a soft jogging track around the park’s premotor. 

Entrance Fee to the Quranic Park

Adults and kids can enter this park free of charge. However, each person pays a minimal fee of AED 5 that you pay at each attraction center. This only happens if you wish to enter the Cave of Miracles and the Glass House. 

Open Hours for the Quranic Park Dubai

The park is always open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Saturday through to Thursday. On Fridays, the Quranic Park is open from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

The timings for the Cave of Miracles and Glass House are a bit different. On Saturdays all the way to Thursday, they are open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. However, all these timings tend to vary during Ramadan and you need to confirm the same.

Dress Code 

The Quranic park also has its own dress code and you need to pay close attention to this issue. The dress code is stricter for ladies because it is a religious park. Therefore, you will not wear it like you do when visiting other parks in Dubai. 

Ladies are required to wear ankle-length skirt trousers. The security officers will deny you entry if you are wearing short skirts or are in shorts. 

How to Get to the Quran Park

The location of the Quran Park is another important thing that you should know. It will only take you a 20 minutes drive to get to this park from Dubai Downtown. It is situated in the Khawaneej District, on Zayed Bin Hamdan Street. 

The park is near the Last Al Khawaneej Exit by Meeras which is the closest popular attraction. In case you are coming by car, you may access this park through the Al Khawaneej Road (D89). Exit to the Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan roundabout Al Nahyan street to get to the Quranic Park. 

There is so much parking space outside the park. If you wish to go by Metro, the closest Metro Station to the Quranic park is Rashiduya. From there, you will make a 10-minute taxi drive to reach Quranic park. If you wish to take the RTA bus, the 11A and 11B buses stop close to the Quran park. 


Visiting the Quranic park is one of the most memorable events that you can have in Dubai. There is so much to see and do in this religious travel destination. The place is also pocket-friendly and will leave you with so many sweet memories. It is an experience that you will really love whether you are a Muslim or not. 

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